Living Dreams

?✨? Happy Magic Monday my Fabulous Ones ?✨?

There is nothing more magic in the world when I see one of my dearest thrive, dare and go out of their comfort zone and realises their abilities; it genuinely makes my heart happy. My beloved sister, Mairead- @mermaiidmairead– has gone from strength to strength over the past year. She turned hobby into a passion and then into a business.

Mairead had worked so incredibly hard on @thewanderingmermaids. The jewellery she makes is full of colour, magic and radiates happiness and at the same time brings her so much joy-even when pulling a very late night shift ! @thewanderingmermaids had a very first pop up yesterday and my word she did herself proud! !

@thewanderingmermaids have just creations of a brand new line and their are so beautiful!!

Mairead shows just what you can do with a courageous heart and with this she inspires me so much ???? Who makes you be your best self?

Just Believe!!

?✨?HHHappy Magic Monday My Fabulous Ones ?✨?
This is a take back to a few years ago in Disneyland Paris; a place where dreams do come true! I know that life is not a Disney film and things don’t always go to plan, but there is always something to learn. These things either set us on track or allow us to create a completely new path, and with this we know better what it is that we want. If you struggling today, let youself believe in something better and start living that life ????

You Can!!

?✨? Happy Magic Monday my Fabulous Ones?✨?
Meet Mr Cactus (totally originally name I know…don’t get me started on the names I had for my bears as a child…okay one name was Ted). A cactus symbolises endurance and resillance and is a reminder to a person of how strong they are. If you are struggling today, know that you can get through this and the light WILL shine again ???

Breathe Peace and Love

?✨?Happy Magic Monday my Fabulous Ones?✨?
Yep I am coming at you with more daisy goodness this Monday (When I previously told you that they were my favourite flower I wasn’t lying!! I think I may have under prepared you for this daisy craziness!?) To me they truly represent strength and resilience and are a reminder that we CAN blossom, which is always a great ‘pick-me-up.’ AND what is even better is literally walking in the daises (around not on them kiddos?) with peace and love- my new fav ever, ever shoes!! This is also a great remembrance to live, breathe and share peace and love, something that will always ALWAYS be fashionable!!!

Keep Going! !

?✨? Happy Magic Monday my Fabulous Ones ?✨?
You have got whatever is coming this week. You a like a precious daisy: beautiful and resilient. ???

Confidence is Key!!

Today I have the privilege of sharing with you a breakthrough story from Shani Jay, a best selling author who wrote Bloom, The Babe Bible and Glow Getter.

Here is what Shani said:

“What comes to mind for me most strongly when I think of this is finding the confidence to speak and share my truth with the world, because this used to terrify me just thinking about it! I always used to be the girl who never put her hand up in class, was super shy and reserved, and just wouldn’t ever put myself out there. I was so scared of people laughing at me or judging me or talking behind my back in a negative way, and this totally crippled any confidence or self-belief inside of me.

I think about what I’ve done in the past few years – writing and publishing three very personal books, sharing my personal heartbeats with millions of strangers on well known websites and social media, and recently launching my YouTube channel – and the growth and strength that I now see within myself is worlds apart from the girl I used to be just a few years ago.

And of course, when you put yourself out there so publicly, negative comments are always going to find their way to you, but I am now in ah head space where that doesn’t get to me the way I know it would’ve before. That doesn’t cripple my self-confidence the way it once would’ve, because I have learned that shining my light in this world is my duty, and as long as I’m proud of the woman I am, nothing and no one else matters one damn bit.

When you believe in yourself and the message you’re carrying, and you don’t care what anybody else thinks about you – you are free. You can do ANYTHING you can dream of.”

I find it so inspiring how Shani found her courage to be her true self and not be put off by negative voices. It is really easy, sometimes, to believe in what other people say and lose sense of you. These words by Shani are so very empowering and I really admire the work she does to help others find there voice!!
Thank you for sharing your message Shani!!

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Do You

?✨? Happy Magic Monday my Fabulous Ones ?✨?

From time to time we all have experienced that feeling of not doing enough. Thinking that we are not where we thought we would be; that we are so far behind that we’ll never catch up and then we see other people doing the similar thing to us that we believe to be miles ahead of us. With all these thoughts, catastrophizing the situation that we find ourselves in, we forget our differences and that it is these differences that makes us so beautifully unique. These diversities will see every one of us go on different paths and face our own challenges. So we will naturally do things in our own way, at our own speed.

If you feel like you going too slow or too fast, remember that you are doing things your way and you can’t compare that to anything. Look for the Frank Sinatra in you and be proud in saying you “Did it…(your)…way”!!! ??❤?

Give Yourself a Chance

?✨? Happy Magic Monday ?✨?
Do you ever get overwhelmed by your own thoughts? Do you feel like instead of your to-do list shrinking it only gets longer? Or have lots of exciting ideas but getting there fills you with panic due to the individual components it has,leaving you feeling that there is just not enough time?
It is important to remember that you are just one person and you will only can do so much at one time. Take a moment to just breath and be present ???