Big From Small Ways

Hello Readers,

I know it’s been quite some time since I last wrote to you, and for that I am sorry. I managed to, somehow find myself lost in my thoughts, as people do from time to time, and somewhat lost focus of what I was writing; when that happens, how can one then inspire others?

Words are not just words. Words lead to the arrival of emotions, the trigger of thoughts and the onset of behaviours. Even though words have global definitions, I believe words are also individually defined by the very people that speak them. Every one of us feels, thinks, visualises and expresses words in different ways. Therefore it is stunning when one can speak such words that they do not truly mean! How can one separate their feelings from their speech? Do they visually see words and feel what they could imply?  Or do they perceive words as simply a collection of letters that do not encompass any depth? In order to write effectively, one should write through thoughts, not just to fill a blank space that affords writing. From one tiny word, one’s perception of what they are reading or writing about can change in a flash. One may not consider how a word can have such significance, being ignorant to the fact that small ‘things’ hold much power, perhaps greater power, than the entities that create such noise yet holds little substance; the smallest ‘things’, become the biggest and are no longer just ‘things’ anymore. So words would no longer be words. Words would be thoughts. Words would be feelings. Words would lead to actions.

Small ‘things’ are not just found in words, but in daily life; a person’s smile to make your day  brighter, a thoughtful gesture that someone else made to alleviate some the weight you struggled to carry today or maybe a magical moment in nature happened while you were in its environment. However as you were running late, had a careless attitude today or were still thinking over an argument you had- you later forgot, you  did not return that kind smile of the person who you passed on the street that you now wished you emulated; you snapped and disapproved of your work colleague’s help that you now yearned for and wished you showed your appreciation; you dashed past the trees that you now longed to meander by and look up and watch the miraculous autumnal coloured leaves fall so elegantly and quietly to the ground. We often lose sight of the things that brings kindness, joy and a sense of weightlessness to our lives, which would perhaps a shift our focus from our internal world.

Go back over your day: do you now think ‘I should have’? Did you miss an opportunity to experience someone’s kindness? Did you ignore a helpful suggestion? Were you ‘too busy’ to be a part of was a beautiful scene? When you wake up tomorrow, what will you do differently? Is there something small you could do for another? Sometimes to be brave doesn’t mean to do something completely extreme, but simply to go a little outside of your comfort zone. You could be the reason why another person smiles. So stop living inside yourself!

All my love XX

16 Replies to “Big From Small Ways”

  1. Great post and lovely words, nice to hear from you 🙂

    Do you fancy doing the 3 Day Quote Challenge? No pressure to accept, but if you are interested then please have a look at my post tomorrow 🙂 x

  2. Inspiring post . Small things do matter, I totally agree with you on this score.. And a small gesture can bring a smile on somebody’s face & brighten his day .. A friend has just started to blog & he’ll call me to sadly announce ‘ no one likes my post!.Persevere, I say and after a few days , one sweet soul had clicked ‘like’ on his post. He jumped with joy ! One small click had done the trick.
    I thank you for your appreciation of my reply on Say it once.
    Have a perfect evening ?

  3. Words, whether spoken or written, bignor small are indeed powerful. Sadly some people actually can emotionally detach themselves from the words that spring forth from their mouths or pens, thankfully I think (or at least choose to believe)!that they are in the minority.
    Small gestures are wonderful, a smile brings the sun out and a kind word can move mountains. May your evening evoke a smile and your morning provide you with a mountain moving encounter. ?

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