Confidence is Key!!

Today I have the privilege of sharing with you a breakthrough story from Shani Jay, a best selling author who wrote Bloom, The Babe Bible and Glow Getter.

Here is what Shani said:

“What comes to mind for me most strongly when I think of this is finding the confidence to speak and share my truth with the world, because this used to terrify me just thinking about it! I always used to be the girl who never put her hand up in class, was super shy and reserved, and just wouldn’t ever put myself out there. I was so scared of people laughing at me or judging me or talking behind my back in a negative way, and this totally crippled any confidence or self-belief inside of me.

I think about what I’ve done in the past few years – writing and publishing three very personal books, sharing my personal heartbeats with millions of strangers on well known websites and social media, and recently launching my YouTube channel – and the growth and strength that I now see within myself is worlds apart from the girl I used to be just a few years ago.

And of course, when you put yourself out there so publicly, negative comments are always going to find their way to you, but I am now in ah head space where that doesn’t get to me the way I know it would’ve before. That doesn’t cripple my self-confidence the way it once would’ve, because I have learned that shining my light in this world is my duty, and as long as I’m proud of the woman I am, nothing and no one else matters one damn bit.

When you believe in yourself and the message you’re carrying, and you don’t care what anybody else thinks about you – you are free. You can do ANYTHING you can dream of.”

I find it so inspiring how Shani found her courage to be her true self and not be put off by negative voices. It is really easy, sometimes, to believe in what other people say and lose sense of you. These words by Shani are so very empowering and I really admire the work she does to help others find there voice!!
Thank you for sharing your message Shani!!

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